Welcome to The Tree of Life! The purpose of this blog is to support established ministries by listing them and sharing their materials.

Under the “Blog Roll” tab you will find a continual feed of information that The Tree of Life Ministration is impressed to share. This feed consists of materials shared from established ministries. It may also include material from non-ministry sources as well.

The “Ministry Listings” tab is a list of ministries that The Tree of Life believes has messages that need to go out the people urgently. Note: These ministries and the author of this blog may not agree in all aspects of doctrine. It will be your responsibility to study what they have to share and to come to your own God-given convictions of what you believe to be truth.

Under the “Topics” tab are listed some of the categories under which the Blog Roll posts have been categorized. In other words, most of what has been posted in the “Blog Roll” will be found under a subcategory of the “Topics” tab. This tab was created to organize the “Blog Roll” posts so that people can find material on specific topics more easily.

May the Father bless you on your search for truth, and may He and His Son fellowship with you! “That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ.” ~1 John 1:3

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that all the information shared by The Tree of Life may not necessarily be supported by all the ministries listed and vice versa. The Tree of Life is independent of these ministries and they of each other. The Tree of Life is a personal ministry/blog that is impressed to share what it believes to be messages urgently needed for our times.

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